Special One Time Offer


 Hi, I'm Daniel FreeSpirit and I am the proud owner of Bohemian Wraps.

Recently, a lot of members thought that our $59.99 Membership activation fee is a high price point... but they would LOVE to stay in our Boho Tribe.

That being said, I would like to help you and make it easier to join our awesome community.

Before you decide to leave, I would like to offer you a discounted membership. We need your help in our Bohemian Tribe, so together we can spread the bohemian movement and support USA jobs.


Only $5 Per Month!

Instead of paying $59.99 one-time activation fee, just pay $5 per month, nothing else! 

Now, there is no reason to cancel your Boho Tribe membership because of price (:

If you can afford a cup of coffee per month ($5), then I can't wait to see you in our bohemian tribe. 


Click HERE to claim your Bohemian Tribe benefits for only $5 per month!

This offer is only available at this time.



If you would still like to cancel, don't sweat it!

Click HERE to cancel your membership to Bohemian Wraps.


Thank you!

  -Daniel FreeSpirit